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Who We Are

We’re Pallant Digital we’re a web design and digital agency in Chichester and Brighton.

We’re not a big corporate digital agency. We’ve been there and it’s not what we’re about. We’re two guys who love what we do and get excited about what our clients are doing.

We’ve been running a web design and digital marketing agency in Chichester since 2003, we’ve seen the trends come and go and as the internet has evolved so have we.

Our team deliver results. We don’t just focus on tech, we focus on your business and the business journey you are on.

When you choose Pallant Digital you get us. We personally work on every project and speak to every client. There are no layers of project and account managers. We are two guys who like nothing better than diving in and getting shit done, and together we’ll help your business succeed online.

What We Do

We love working with smart, ambitious and driven business owners, who are here to make a difference.

You’re here to do something special and we want to help you do it.

You don’t want someone to baffle you with tech talk, you want someone who knows what they’re doing so that you can get on with doing what you do best. That’s us. No sales pitch, just straight-talking experts who can work with you to get the technical stuff sorted.

Why We Do It

We understand that no journey is ever a straight path. It will be full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and times when you don’t know which direction to take.

We go on that journey with our clients and, like the rudder on the tail of an aeroplane, we help make the tiny but important adjustments that will keep you on course to your ultimate destination.

The businesses we work with sell more stuff and do business better.

Our success stories are not about technology

They are about how our clients are growing their businesses and achieving their goals

Ecommerce website for knight fencing by Pallant Digital


“When I started working with a business coach, and focusing on taking my business to the next level, I went to see Pallant Digital. I wanted a whole new look and feel to our brand and to develop the ecommerce side of our business.

They totally got what I wanted to achieve. They took my ideas and turned them into reality, and have continued to work with us through every stage of our business growth.

In fact, within 3 years of working with Pallant Digital, I had doubled my turnover from £1m to £2m – and that was through a recession. It’s been quite a journey!”

Danny Knight – Managing Director of Knight Fencing

We help Knight Fencing get the most out of eCommerce


“When I met Ben over a coffee in 2008, I had a crazy idea that I wanted to get out into the world, but I didn’t know how to do it. It really was just an idea at that stage, but Pallant Digital understood what I was trying to achieve.

By 2012 my crazy idea had actually blossomed into something pretty successful and I was ready for a new website. It was a big project, with a lot of content, but the guys at Pallant Digital got what I wanted and did it brilliantly. I get lots of great feedback about the site.

What I love is that they got my mission from the start. They got that the goal wasn’t a nice website, the goal was getting my message out into the world. They have invested an incredible amount of time in understanding what I’m about and continue to follow what I do. They really are on this journey with me”.

Tristan Gooley – Founder of Natural Navigator

We help Tristan tell his story

Photo of Emily Perry owner of SCHR


“I was definitely a Damsel in Distress when Pallant Digital came to the rescue. My website had been hacked and taken down. I had no idea what to do but Ben got me back up and running online within 48 hours.

But the story doesn’t end there. They have since helped me transform the way I run my business and how my business is portrayed. They saw there was a real mismatch between the content on my site and who I am. I now have a site that is much more reflective of me.

Pallant digital also set up Google Ads for me and, within a few months, my turnover had increased an incredible 80%.

What I really like is that they understand the ups and downs of business because they’ve been there themselves. They get it. Which is exactly what you want – someone 100% on your side and there with you on your journey”

Emily Perry – Founder of South Coast HR

We help South Coast HR power their social driven business

Phil and Oliver from Cybrid


“I first came across Ben & Simon when I joined the IT department of a large manufacturing company. I immediately checked out their work. I’m in IT myself so if something’s not good, or not to a high standard, I’m going to know about it. I was really impressed.

So much so that as soon as I decided to set up my own company, I went straight to them. They got what I wanted to achieve from the start. They also understood that my business was very early stages and I didn’t have a huge budget. They focused on what I needed to do first, to get going – which was get my branding right.

I really see them as a ‘partner’. I am learning from them all the time. They are trusted people in my circle. I recommend them to others and I wouldn’t recommend anyone I didn’t trust 100%.”

Phil Henly – Managing Director of Cybrid Solutions

We help Cybrid Solutions build trust and their brand


“When we needed a new website, Pallant Digital was our only port of call as they had always been so supportive with helping with our old website.

They worked with us every step of the way and quickly understood the type of image we were aiming to portray. The site is now mobile and tablet friendly and linked to our social media. We particularly love our 360-degree shop walkthrough! The training we received on how to update and maintain our new website was also very good.

Amanda and Caroline – Proposals Chichester

We helped Proposals transform their boutique bridal business website

Photo of the SieMatic Chichester website show on their iMac in their studio


“A massive thank you to the team at Pallant Digital for designing our fantastic new website.  You understood from the start the image we were looking for and the end result is brilliant, we’ve already had some excellent feedback from the public, so once again thank you.

We’re also loving our 360° Studio walkthrough, and thanks to you guys we now have a smart, user-friendly site that is linked to all our social media!  Your patience, help and support throughout the whole process has been great, it’s been a pleasure working together.”

Ellen and Theresa – SieMatic Chichester

We delivered a business website with their ideal customer in mind

How we make a difference

Like us, you’re on your own business journey. Our goal is to help you achieve what you want to achieve, make the difference you want to make. We’ve been working with businesses for a long time now and together we’ve achieved great success, this is how we go about making that difference.

We’ll ask questions to understand your business

We’ll help you articulate your business goals

We’ll research and design your business solution

We’ll present ideas that show how they’ll meet your business goals

We’ll create a technical solution that serves your business

We’ll test and measure throughout your business journey

We are an expert web design and digital marketing agency in Chichester and Brighton.

We can help your business succeed online

Tell us about your project and one of our team will call you back.

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