What We Wish Everyone Knew About HTTPS

I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s important to do your online shopping and banking securely, but what about browsing the web for recipes or news articles? Should that be secure too? The answer is YES — everything should be secure.

If you don’t see the friendly green secure padlock icon in your web browser and https:// in front of the website’s address, then you can’t trust the website you’re visiting to handle your personal data.

HTTPS icon

For websites, the HTTPS in the address bar means people can’t fiddle about with your data.

Way back in 2014 Google announced that they were using HTTPS as a factor to decide how they display search results and to help keep everyone safe on the web. Since then they have been increasing how important HTTPS is in determining your search engine results.

Google recently announced that forms on web pages over HTTP will be marked as ‘not secure’ in Chrome starting this month. Ask yourself whether you would submit a form if you knew it wasn’t secure? We absolutely wouldn’t.

Beyond performance in search results, if you want people to trust your website — it’s has to be secure. People are expecting to see HTTPS used on all websites and it adds a level of trust to your brand as customers can see that you’re taking online security seriously.

How do I secure my website with HTTPS?

A website is secured with something called an SSL certificate, on the face of it they are very simple to setup. STOP! Before you roll-up your sleeves to get stuck in, there are some critical technical considerations to be aware of, (which we could write multiple blogs about), so we won’t get into now, but we recommend that you get in touch with your web developer or hosting company to help you make sure it’s done right.

Get it, wrong and you’ll be in a world of pain. Even if it looks ok and your site seems to be working, you could cause problems for the search engines in accessing your website, which would adversely affect your rankings in their results pages.

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