Why Google Reviews are important

Why are Google Reviews so valuable to your business? In short, because new customers are more likely to trust the review of a stranger telling them you know what you are doing and do it well.

But … this isn’t going to be the world’s shortest blog on Google Reviews and their importance – there’s more to it than that.

Think of it in terms of the 3R’s:

  • Research – new customers will undoubtedly look for you, your work/products and reviews online.  88% of consumers research products online before buying – reviews/testimonials matching these searches are critical; price is far from the only decision-making factor
  • Ranking – search for anything via Google and you’ll see a mixture of results in the top slots – the paid slots are those you see first and these can be obvious, more subtle or map-based. What Google Reviews will give you is the chance to be top in the organic (free) results.  The golden stars are a great visual prompt and suggestion of credibility
  • Relevance – when a past customer reviews you, they are more likely to use the kind of language that will resonate with a future customer – they’ll possibly mention their pain points (what brought them to you) and what made them happy (ie what you delivered for them)

Giving and receiving reviews are a critical part of doing good business; they really matter and make the difference. You can also use reviews on your website, social media channels and printed materials – maximising their value and their reach.

But what if I get a bad review?

Good! Or rather, this is an excellent opportunity for you to make right an error; new customers can also see that you care enough to respond; and you can improve your business processes generally to avoid a bad review in the future.

To sum up

Boost your exposure in the Research phase, maximise the impact of your Ranking and also don’t miss the opportunity to make your brand more Relevant.

So go out and get yourself some Google Reviews!

Here’s how to get your quick link:

  • Go to your Google My Business page
  • Navigate to View on Maps
  • Click on that link and voilà you have your personalised link to share with your customers

If you have an incomplete or no Google Business listing – then we can help.  

Wherever you‘re heading on your business journey, we can help you get there – a refreshed website, content marketing, photography or help with your social media channels.

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