Top 5 Google Ads mistakes

Google Ads aka AdWords.  They’ve now settled on and rebranded as Google Ads.

We have many businesses come to us with Google Ad woes: they’re just not getting the kind of results they had hoped or expected, despite spending lots of money.

So here are the 5 top mistakes that people make when running their own Google Ad campaigns:

  • No clear campaign objective

    • typically, 1) direct action (prompt your target audience to buy, download or opt-in) or 2) brand awareness (sprinkle your ads all over the internet or remarket to target who’ve visited your website)
  • No keyword research

    • bidding on 100s of words won’t make your campaign any more effective; be focused and specific
  • Not using negative keywords

    • you need a negative keyword list to avoid spending money on phrases you don’t want.  For example, if you only do “home aircon”, you want to block out searches for “car aircon”
  • Using Adwords Express

    • It’s the fastest way to waste your money; great for Google’s bank account, not yours
  • Not measuring ROI or campaign conversions

    • you must monitor your campaign’s effectiveness; stop what’s not working, do more of what is meeting objectives

If any of these resonate with you, click pause on your campaign right now and give us a call.

We’ve been certified Google Partners for years and we’ve got the experience and the knowhow to stop you pouring money down the Google drain!

We can help you turn your Google Ads account around and help your business get the results it deserves. 

We’re here to help grow YOUR business not Google’s!

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