Are you open on …?

People searching for your business will find you on Google Maps and Google Search if you have a Google My Business listing set up.

It’s essential you keep this maintained especially for changes throughout the year, e.g. bank holidays, Christmas, late night opening etc. 

Customers could be searching for businesses like yours on the move and you don’t want them to skip visiting because they think you’re closed or turn up thinking you were open; because your Google listing said so. That’s a surefire way of driving customers to your competitors.

You can also check the rest of your listing is complete while you’re in there.  Why is this valuable? Because Google will look upon searches for your business favourably if you have a 100% up to date listing.

Another thing to get off your business to-do list!

We’ve just changed ours and made a handy video of how to do it.

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