Case study: How we future-proofed The Natural Navigator website

Tristan Gooley is an author and natural navigator

Tristan set up his natural navigation school in 2008 and is the author of the award-winning and bestselling books, The Natural Navigator (2010), The Walker’s Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs (2014), How to Read Water (2016) and Wild Signs and Star Paths (2018), some of the world’s only books covering natural navigation.

What prompted The Natural Navigator to work with Pallant Digital on his new website?

We’ve worked with Tristan for a long time – we built his first website back in 2008 – but the current iteration of his website was beginning to feel its age. Aesthetically, that all still worked for Tristan, but “under the hood” was a different story.

Some key elements that raised the need for a website refresh:

  • Out of date code, which put the site at greater risk of hacking and other cyber security vulnerabilities

  • The technology used for uploading images was no longer being supported by many popular browsers

  • Old webpage template was no longer flexible enough for Tristan’s blogging and content needs

What did Pallant Digital deliver?

  • Running on the latest version of WordPress – providing a secure delivery platform on the world’s most popular content management system
  • A full website support service to keep the website safe, secure & running smoothly with unlimited content updates
  • Faster more flexible blogging and content creation process

What did Tristan think about his website refresh?

I’m delighted with the new website and my first experience of setting up a new blog and editing an old one. It is much betterfaster experience and I’m very excited about the potential..

Whether you are looking to improve your current WordPress website or start afresh, why not Book a Call with one of our WordPress website experts and see how much of difference we can make to your business growth.

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