5 reasons why your business should be listed on Bing

Being Google Partners, we often bang on about Google as an essential tool in helping your business succeed online, however, don’t forget about Bing for your business listing too. They may only have a 7% share of the search market, but that’s still a heck of a lot of people searching for businesses just like yours.

Bing Maps is basically their equivalent of Google My Business, which we shared our tips on last year.

So here are our 5 reasons to use Bing to list your business:

  • Who uses Bing?

    • Over 25% of the UK desktop search market
  • How many searches a month on Bing?

    • Over 950m monthly desktop searches in the UK
  • What’s the typical demographic of Bing users?

    • Audiences of age 35+ – but especially 55-64
  • Is the market share there?

    • Microsoft are still the biggest producers of laptops and mobiles – Bing is the default browser for Windows 10 machines
  • Why else is a Bing listing important for my business?

    • Here’s the biggie … Bing is the default search engine for voice search on Amazon Alexa enabled devices like Echo Dot, Echo Spot etc  – so you need to be listed to be found

To sum up

You want to make sure that when people use their Alexa voice enabled devices, like an Echo Dot, or do research online or on their mobile devices using Bing you and your business can be found. It’s free to add your business, why wouldn’t you. 

If you’re struggling to get found online, Pallant Digital can help. Get in touch, or use our business listing to find us and we’ll help you get seen.

As part of a full digital marketing strategy, SEO plays a key part in placing your site at the top of the search engine results. So let’s work on getting you more of the business you want.

Take five minutes to get this sorted today on Bing places for business.  Start here: bingplaces.com

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