Should you push the Facebook Boost button?

Facebook’s boost button is a great way to expand the reach and impact of your Facebook post, but is it worth it?

Boosting a post simply creates an advert (ad) for that post that you can target to an audience of your choosing. Sounds great, a few dollars later and lots more people have seen your post, but then what? Are you measuring how many people viewed that post? Do you know if they clicked the link or interacted with that post? A lot of people seem to click the boost button and expect it to magically turn into more business, this might explain Facebook’s growth in share price!

Let’s compare ‘boosting’ to a full Facebook Ad, they’re very similar in that they are both ads that are targeted at an audience of your choosing. The difference is that you can format the ad differently for use on different devices and in different channels or views. For example, you can show a different picture on Instagram Stories to that on Facebook Desktop to help drive more engagement. You can also use video ads and get into much more detail with the targeting of your ad; all making your budget go a lot further.

The most important thing to remember is that unless you can track where a user goes, or what they do after interacting with your ad, you’re wasting your money. If it isn’t measured, it isn’t managed! You can easily measure more user activity using the Facebook Pixel that can be installed on your website.

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