How you can make your blog work harder – 5 ways with 1 blog

Your blog posts could be doing a lot more for you, after all, you’ve spent time writing it so why not spend a few extra minutes and get even more out of your content. Here are our 5 things you can do with your blog posts to get more engagement and expand your reach.

  • Post it on LinkedIn Articles

    • LinkedIn articles are a great way to share longer posts, like blogs, and the content is readable and shareable within LinkedIn. You can tag it just like your blog and it will appear for users following that hashtag
  • Make a short video

    • Some people don’t read blogs but they will watch a short video of you explaining the contents of the blog. It doesn’t have to be word for word but explain the main points and people can read the full blog for the full details.
  • Add to an eshot

    • Use this video and an excerpt from the blog to make an email to send out to your mailing list. Make a great title that makes people want to open your email and you might be surprised at how high the open rates are.
  • Use an eye catching visual

    • Pick out the main points or “quotes” from the blog and use these as social posts with a link back to the blog post itself. You can use Canva to make these look great and eye-catching.
  • Share a brief excerpt

    • Post a summary that makes people want to read more on social channels and link back to the blog. You can also post the video you made and maybe some of the quotes as well.

Once you get into the swing of it these extras don’t take much more time and will help you engage with more potential customers. As always make sure you measure where the traffic comes from to your blog posts so you can see what is working best for your business.

Lastly, if you write a good blog then tell people about it when you meet them at networking or in meetings, sending a blog link to someone is a great way to both help them and show you know what you’re talking about.

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