Is your website mobile enough to pass the Google test?

That’s right Google is now ranking your website based on its mobile performance over its desktop performance.

Does this affect me?

Yes, all sites will be ranked using this new method and you might see your performance in Google change if your website fails their checks.

Why have they done this?

While many users are still using desktop for their day to day browsing, especially in the B2B sector, there has been a huge switch to users browsing on their mobiles. Google has seen mobile use now overshadow desktop and they think mobile performance is a better way to rank websites to deliver what their users want. After all, they direct over 92% of online searches so they have a lot of real-world data to analyse. 

To reflect this change, they have said that from July 1st 2019 they will now rank websites using its mobile-first indexing.  So, if your website performs badly in this test, Google will down-rank it in the results – and nobody wants that!

What can I do?

You can check your site using Google’s own mobile test tool, this will give you a pass or a fail depending on how your website performs. Remember: just because it “loads” on your mobile device, it doesn’t mean that it’s performing well on mobile. Google will provide a score that determines your ranking and it’s much more than how fast it loads on mobile. 

If it fails, ask your website developer to look at some of the issues or get in touch and we can help you fix them so that Google ranks your site more favourably, it really makes all the difference in reaching your target audience.

If your ranking has been affected, but you still pass their mobile test, then have a look at our SEO services and understand how we can help you reach more of the customers you want. 

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