3 Tips To Bring Your Customers Back

A common mystery that surrounds shopping online is why do people add things to the basket and then not buy them? Maybe they’ve gone off elsewhere to search for a better price, or maybe they simply don’t have their bank card on them. Whatever the reason the question we get asked a lot is 

“how do I get them back?”

The most effective way to do this is to use retargeting. This is the ‘advertising term’ for the process that shows people the products they have added to the basket outside of your website, and it’s most commonly a small ad or an email.

The key to success is to show relevant products to users and remind them of the benefits of buying from you over anyone else.  Here are 3 tips to lure those customers back:

  • Run a retargeting ad campaign with great IMAGERY

  • A well worded email can get people back to the CHECKOUT

  • Add in a DISCOUNT CODE to either of the above and you’ll be on to a winner

This works well even if you don’t sell products from your website. Showing people ads who have visited your website can help to build confidence in your brand and keep you front of mind during the consideration process.

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