5 ways to tell if your website is costing you money, not making you money

Having a business website is a critical investment, so make sure it continues to make you money not cost you money by asking these 5 questions. Answer honestly!

  • Does your website have broken pages or links that don’t work?

    Is there something on your website that just isn’t working? Well guess what, if you’ve noticed, then so have your customers. This is costing you reputation.

  • Is your website, slow to load?

    • No one waits for websites to load, no matter how good you think your website is.  If it takes more than 3 seconds to load, then your website is costing you customers, as they will be off to your competitors’ site quick as a flash.
  • Does your website work on mobile?

    • And we don’t mean does it load on a mobile phone with tiny text, that you have to zoom in and out to use. That is NOT working on mobile. It should be easy to read, navigate and need NO zooming. If it doesn’t work on mobile then it’s costing you, customers.
  • Can you update your website easily, with news or new photos?

    • If not then how old is the content on your website? It needs to be up to date. For example, if the last time you wrote a blog was a few years ago, then customers might assume you’ve gone out of business. So again, you guessed it, old content is costing you customers.
  • Does your website look like the kind of business that you would buy your product/service from?

    • If your competitors all have fancy new sites and yours is 5 years old, then guess what. Yep, you’re right it’s costing you business. They’re going to go with the business that has invested in their website and looks like the market leaders.

So if any of these 5 things have resonated with you, or maybe struck a nerve then it’s time to invest in your business and get a better website.

Luckily we can help, as all our websites come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back. So check out our website and see how we can make sure your website is making you money not costing you money.

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