5 ways to supercharge your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the place to go for B2B networking and connecting with potential customers. But are you making the most of this fast-growing network? Some profiles we see are lacking the basics so here’s our guide on how to make your profile stand out!

  • Get a good photo

    • people buy people so you need a good photo of you in a professional context, not at a wedding or on the beach!
  • Set a custom URL

    • it’s easy to change the link that you share with people and this simple change can make you really stand out. Here’s “how to”, it couldn’t be simpler.
  • Add skills to your profile

    • adding skills shows people viewing your profile what you’re good at but also means you’ll appear when people search for your skills.
  • Endorse and recommend your connections

    • asking for recommendations might feel a bit forward, so the best way is to give a recommendation and endorse people’s skills. People are notified when you do this and are asked to give one in return.
  • Post, share, react and comment

    • unlike Facebook, LinkedIn still shows posts that people write to their network without needing to pay or boost. So the more active you are the more you show up.

If you need help getting your profile up and running or if you need headshots for your business then get in touch.

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