4 ways the Facebook Pages app could get you more business

If you have a Facebook Page or Instagram account then you could be getting more business with the Facebook Pages app. This handy little app gives you direct access to loads of great tools that you can use to engage your customers better:

  • Insight

    • See how your Page is doing and find out which posts people are engaging with most, you can then create more of this kind of content to engage more customers. You can also see how many people saw your posts, liked, shared and commented on them. 
  • Measure

    • See if people are going to your site or clicking on your call-to-action buttons. This can help you adjust your Page content and can also help you when choosing a call-to-action in your Ads.
  • People

    • Understand your audience better with demographic data such as age, gender and location. This can help you write content and create offers that will appeal to your audience.
  • Messages

    • The app combines messages from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram all in one place so you can respond fast to customers who want to talk to you. Faster responses will help your page and Ads performance with send message as the CTA.

Stay informed and respond to customers immediately with the Pages Manager app, available for iOS and Android.  Learn more about optimising your Facebook Business page.

If you want help making the most out of your Facebook page or Ads then get in touch.

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