Do you need SEO to be number 1 in Google?

You’ve probably had an email from a person promising to “make you number 1 in Google” claiming that they can get any site to the top of Google.

What most sell is simply spam and you’ll be wasting your money to use them as the result don’t last. Don’t trust a company making this kind of promise. The reason we don’t promise to make you number 1 in Google because it’s impossible to guarantee, even Google say so themselves.

So do I need SEO to make my site number 1?

Well, SEO can do wonders or cause a lot of damage. Dodgy SEO can seemingly create fast results using clever tricks to spam search engines. These SEO gains can quickly disappear if you stop paying them.

SEO isn’t a short fix, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. The sites that perform consistently well in search results aren’t using spammy techniques, they’re using SEO as part of a wider digital marketing strategy.

SEO is a huge area of expertise and there are many factors that make a difference. We’ve found a great free tool you can use to check how well your site loads and get some actionable recommendations on how to optimise it. Check your site now

Not every recommendation will apply to your page. The recommendations are meant to be generic, best practices; some things will be out of your control (eg. external resources) or may not apply to your page.

Find out more about our SEO services AND how we can guarantee results.

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