Welcome to the new home of Pallant Digital

After 11 years at Hollybrook House, we’ve found a new place to call home. As we’ve evolved and grown our business we’ve been looking high and low for a new space, but nothing quite felt right.

When Rume2 opened last year we knew this was where we wanted to be, it’s not just a place to work but also a community of business owners. So as soon as they created their new offices we leapt at the chance to move in.

So here we are, 17 years in, having found a place to do our best work right in the middle of Chichester. It’s modern and bright with custom made furniture and great coffee. Of course, it also has what must be the fastest internet connection in the town!

We’d love to have a catch up with you, show you around and review your marketing plans for 2020. So book a catch up with us today and let’s get coffee (tea is also available!).

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