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Send emails that inspire people to take action

Some companies say that email marketing doesn’t work. This is usually because they just blast their list with emails and then sit back awaiting results. This never works… everyone hates an impersonal email. There’s a right way to do email marketing – and with great ROI potential – it shouldn’t be ignored.

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Is email marketing worth my time – does anyone even read emails?

A big yes to both. People will open and read an email that catches their eye with an engaging subject line – and they’ll keep opening them as long as you are providing value.

MailChimp, a popular email platform, has studied its customers’ campaigns and reported that the average open rate is over 20%, with an average click rate of over 2%. So good email marketing can be a cost effective way of reaching your customers.

Great emails come down to more than just good copy: include videos, GIFs and images to grab people’s attention and get those clicks. We always apply best practises to keep emails looking sharp and performing well, regardless of which device they’re viewed on.

Send better emails, get better results

We can help you send emails that get into people’s inboxes and make an impact. Automated workflow emails can work their magic in the background to drive traffic to your website and get you more of the business you want, winning you leads and conversions around the clock.

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Get your emails out of people’s spam folders and get leads back onto your website

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