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Our technical page for those who love tech as much as we do

At Pallant Digital we like to play with tech and code to make new and exciting things that don’t necessarily need to have a purpose/goal in mind, sometimes we just want to try something to see if it works. So here is a summary of our Labs projects, open source code and links to things we have made or worked on.

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Chess mate devices

Open Source Projects on Github

Check out our open source projects and lets us know what you think.


We bought a Maplin robot arm and it needed a JS library, so here it is. The unofficial Node.js library for controlling the Maplin Robot Arm.

Laravel AWS Cognito Auth

A simple authentication package for Laravel 5 for authenticating users in Amazon Cognito User Pools.

This is package works with Laravel’s native authentication system and allows the authentication of users that are already registered in Amazon Cognito User Pools. It does not provide functionality for user management, i.e., registering user’s into User Pools, password resets, etc.

AWS Cognito logo

GrandMaster node-chess-engine

Chess engine node module taken from to allow easy installation and use from remote server.



Analyses a data feed for mentions of keywords. We have used this to analyse social media feeds as well as other data sources to identify trends.