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Are you …

  • Tired of trawling through SEO blogs and videos trying to work out why your site isn’t coming up in search?
  • Feeling let down by an SEO agency that has overpromised and underdelivered?
  • Baffled by the graphs and tables that are supposed to show ‘progress’?
  • Out of ideas having tried everything you can think of?

We hear this from a lot of business owners. You want to cut through the false promises and invest in SEO that will grow your business in the long term.

SEO experts

There are two ways to get customers to your website, you either buy a click using Ads or earn a click through your content. SEO is an investment in marketing whereas Ads are a cost of sales so you need to balance both.

Investing in SEO means you’ll earn more customers and spend less buying them. Creating content that attracts customers takes time but once it is established it continues to work without needing more investment. Compare this to Ads where you’ll get traffic while you’re paying for the Ads, but once they stop the traffic stops too.

How do I get to No.1?

It’s not just about being at the top, it’s about being relevant. The truth of how search engines work is that they want to deliver the most relevant content to each user, and as search becomes more and more personalised the ‘tricks’ that used to game the system no longer work. To succeed you need to be relevant and current.

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Ben Davis Google Ads Expert
Ben working in office

Ben working in office

Content focused SEO

Our SEO service has proven long term results and when combined with an effective Ads strategy it can be very effective in achieving long lasting growth.

  • Forge a Plan

    In a discovery session we will establish your goals, challenges and the outcomes we’ll measure to see when it’s working.

  • Find the Opportunities

    We run an audit on your website to find technical issues. We also explore where you have great content and where you have some gaps. We compare your website to that of 2 of your competitors to see how you perform against them.

  • Fix the Technical SEO Issues

    We’ve been doing SEO for years so we know how to quickly and effectively fix what needs to be fixed to improve the technical SEO performance of your website.

  • Fill the Gaps

    We will map out the content you need to create to attract the right customers and fill the gaps in your content.

    We can also create that content for you

  • Follow the Path

    Each month we review the results and adjust the plan accordingly to get the best results and to adapt to your business as it grows and new opportunities appear.

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