SEO Audit with expert analysis

Are your competitor’s website always coming up top?

Not appearing at the top of Google for the services you offer? Do your competitors always rank above you? This could be losing you a lot of traffic and customers.

We can audit your website with our SEO tools and know how to see why you’re not doing as well as you want to, and show you what to change to do better.

We compare your website to 2 of your competitors and crawl a database of billions of links to see where you perform compared to your competitors.

The audit includes:

  • Rankings

    Where your site ranks in the search engine results for your SEO keywords and how this compares to your competitors

  • Top 3 Page Optimisation Opportunities

    Our top 3 recommendations to help improve your rankings

  • Site Crawl Issues

    We will check to see if there are any factors preventing search engine bots from crawling your website including critical crawler issues and warnings, redirect, metadata and content issues.

  • Links

    Considered one of the biggest factors behind where you rank in search engines we check your inbound links and link building opportunities, anchor text and your site’s spam score.

  • Traffic From Search

    How much traffic you get from Search Engines

  • Content Gaps

    We’ll show you where your site has ‘gaps’ in the content that are affecting your search results. We’ll also show you where your competitors are doing better and where they have gaps too.

The audit costs just £1,200 + vat and takes 7-10 days to complete.

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    inc. VAT
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