Facebook Ads are the secret to getting more customers

Your customers are using Facebook so why don’t you show them Ads?

There are a lot of rumours and stories about Facebook, and we often hear people say “my customers don’t use Facebook” we’ll here’s a few facts you might not know that might change your mind.

  • Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp

  • There are 1.56 billion daily active users

  • Facebook Messenger is the worlds most downloaded App

  • 95% of Facebooks visits are made from a mobile device

  • 78% of internet users in the UK use Facebook

  • 71% of UK adults (+13 years old) that’s 40 million people can be reached with adverts on the Facebook platform

You might not know what Facebook Ads can be shown on Instagram and inside Facebook Messenger and they are very different from simply clicking “Boost Post”. Facebook has one of the worlds largest advertising platforms with audience targeting and AI-powered Ad placement that is unrivalled.

As the effectiveness of simply posting an update to your business Facebook pages diminishes it’s more and more important to ensure you’re targeting Ads at users in order to generate ROI.

Facebook has many ways it can show relevant Ads to the right audience and we can help you build a campaign that reaches the right people and gets you more customers.

We’ll get you more customers with Facebook Ads

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