Social Media for business

Social media is more than just cat videos

Your customers are definitely on social media

Not everyone rates social media as a serious marketing tool. They see it as a noisy place filled with cat videos. But there are plenty of opportunities in it for every kind of business, and it’s the perfect place to make new connections and have engaging conversations that generate more conversions.

With social media for business, you can make your content appear in front of the right people, in the right places at the right time. There are different networking channels for different audiences, and we can help you choose the proper channels to maximise the opportunities for audience engagement. 

There is an increasing number of business owners and managers using social media channels like LinkedIn and Instagram to share and learn, so it goes beyond C2C, and is proving to be successful for many B2B brands.  People buy from people, and people are using social media to buy, research and interact with business. 

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But what do I talk about on social media?

If you think your business has nothing to say then you’d be wrong. Your business has a story, ideas, projects, services, news and announcements to share. That’s before you get around to educating and sharing tips and advice with your audience. (There ya go. There are a few things to talk about already!) With social networking sites, your primary goal is to listen to your audience and add value at every opportunity.

As social media experts in Chichester & Brighton, we are well connected ourselves. We can help with everything from writing and posting updates to full account monitoring and interaction. There are so many things to mention here, and it changes so often it’s best to check our blog for the latest on social media for business.

See how you could be using social media to grow your business. 

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