Tailored social media training

We will help your business get noticed on social media

Using social media for business will help you grow your business and expand your brand awareness. Social networks can reach almost all market sectors, and the potential to reach new customers for your business is enormous. Targeting the right people and capturing their attention with relevant content is where we can help. We can teach you what to say, what channel to say it on and how to maximise the impact of your social channels to drive more customers to your business.

We’ve been on social media since it started and we know how to make campaigns that get in front of your ideal customer. We will teach you how to create engaging content that doesn’t take up a lot of your time and will get you more customers.

There is an increasing number of business owners and managers using social media channels like LinkedIn and Instagram to share and learn, so social goes beyond C2C, and is proving to be successful for many B2B brands.  People buy from people, and people are using social media to buy, research and interact with your business.

But what do I talk about on social media?

If you think your business has nothing to say then you’d be wrong. Your business has a story, ideas, projects, services, news and announcements to share. That’s before you get around to educating and sharing tips and advice with your audience. (There ya go. There are a few things to talk about already!) With social networking sites, your primary goal is to listen to your audience and add value at every opportunity.

Let us show you how

As social media experts in Chichester & Brighton, we offer tailored social media training for you and your team. We’ll help you:

  • Create a strong message and a campaign strategy

    Tell the story of your business using the resources you already have

  • Choose the right channels

    Define your audience and learn how to target them

  • Plan posts and content

    Make posting time-efficient, manageable and most of all fun!

  • ongoing support and guidance

    We will help you with the first few posts and give you ongoing feedback on how to improve posts and optimise your campaigns

We’ll help you get social right