WordPress GDPR

Make your WordPress website GDPR compliant with our simple service

WordPress GDPR plugin and compliance service

Automated GDPR requirements

We understand that GDPR can be a complicated topic and trying to understand what you need to do can be a daunting task. When it comes to making your website compliant, we can help.

We’ve designed a simple service that covers the elements of GDPR compliance for your website. You can then focus on the rest of your business compliance knowing your website is taken care of.

Privacy Policy

We provide a Privacy Policy which is transparent, intelligible, easily accessible & concise. This policy is updated automatically to reflect the latest changes in service providers terms and conditions, so when providers you use such as Google And Facebook update their terms and conditions, this policy automatically updates.

The policy has been written specifically for business websites and is approved to cover global privacy policies such PECR, the GDPR, the US’s CCPA & CalOPPA as well as any specific terms you need to include for your business.


We will add a pop-up Cookie and Privacy Policy notice to your website so users can easily see your policy and consent to use the website. If you use services like Google Analytics or Facebook Ads then you need to allow users to opt-in to this data collection by law, so our service takes care of that for you.

The pop-up is styled to look like your website and gives the user a clear indication of what they are converting too meaning you will fully comply with r the ePrivacy, GDPR, and CCPA requirements.

Consent Management

Having the policies and opt-in is the first step to compliance but in order to fully comply you need to be able to show when, where and how a user agreed to your policy and to which policy they agreed. Our service takes care of this as we store where, when and what legal or privacy notice the user has accepted. This means all your user consent and privacy preferences is in one place and fully taken care of.

Make your website GDPR compliant today

  • £25 per month
  • Billed Annually or as part of your Care Plan

  • Adding Opt-in to website forms

  • Privacy & Cookies opt in pop-up

  • Continuiously updating Privacy & Cookies policies

  • Storing consent and opt-in

Prices are ex. VAT and payable by Direct Debit